Alliance and Leicester PPI

Alliance and Leicester PPI

Alliance and Leicester was fined £7 million in 2008 for misselling PPI by the FCA. Subsequently, it became part of Santander, so any queries or complaints will have to be made through them. The FCA has made it the responsibility of the company (in this case Santander) to contact clients and inform them that they had PPI. However, this is a notoriously slow process and it costs nothing to simply visit the website one of the PPI claims companies listed on this website and fill in the details to see if you have a claim or not.

What products does a PPI claim apply to?

It will apply to a loancredit card or mortgage with PPI from Alliance & Leicester (now owned by Santander). If you took out one of these products you may have a claim so it is well worth checking if you have money owing to you.

What time period does it cover?

If you had one of these products in the last 15-20 years, you may have a claim for mis-sold PPI. 15 years ago would make it 2004 and 20 years ago would be 1999.

How much could you receive?

The highest recorded claim against Alliance & Leicester has £20,759. Please bear in mind this is NOT indicative of how much you will receive. Average PPI claims for Alliance and Leicester may be much lower than this.

How to make an Alliance and Leicester PPI claim

You have two options: let a PPI claims company handle all the leg work for you for a fee or try and claim the PPI yourself.

Here are the details to reclaim PPI from Alliance & Leicester yourself. (link is external)

Phone: 0800 171 2171

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm and Saturday 8am to 4pm

Postal address: PPI S1, Santander, 9 Nelson Street, Bradford, BD1 5AN

Alternatively, we recommend you use a claims company.