Using a PPI Claims Company or Not

PPI ClaimsThe first decision to make when making your claim is whether or not you are going to use a PPI claims company or if you are confident you can make the claim or not. Using a claim company is often the easiest way of doing it as it really takes no time at all on your part however you will not get the full amount owed to you as the company dealing with the PPI claim will take a commission which can sometimes be up to 40% so you’ve got to ask yourself if it’s worth losing all that money just for the ease of not having to spend time filling in a few forms.

Obviously the other option is to make the PPI claim D.I.Y style and quite literally do it yourself, this will require a considerable amount of time and effort but the rewards will be definitely worth it as you will be getting the full amount owed to you back in your hands without the need of a middle man taking a cut for doing something you can actually do yourself.

This decision really comes down to time and if you have enough to spare to make the claim, we would definitely recommend at least trying to make the claim yourself but having said that there are loads of quality legal companies out there that will be happy to take on your PPI claims case and do it all for you so you know there is always going to be an easy option. Here is some information onĀ Northern Rock PPI claims.