Avoid A Nasty Surprise And Use A Mis Sold PPI Calculator

Most of you reading this will already know exactly why it is so important to use a free PPI calculator before proceeding with the process of making a claim but for any of you out there that are still new to this then lets take a quick look at why it vital before making any other decisions.

If you go into the process of making a claim for mis sold PPI before doing some research into how much you are potentially owed then you could leave yourself open to getting sold short by a third party that is not completely honest about how much they can reclaim for you. Saying this most of the companies out there dealing with PPI claims are good and honest however it can never hurt to get yourself a little bit more clued up on the process and figures to ensure you get all the money that is owed to you. Obviously we do still recommend making your claim by yourself by using a template letter to send to the bank and going through the whole process yourself so you don’t have to worry about paying someone else to handle things for you but if time is of the essence then you may find this isn’t possible and you have to use a PPI company.

Not only is it worth using a calculator to make sure you are not short changed but it is also worth while doing so that you can decide if its actually worth the hassle of making a claim based on the amount of money you are owed, for example many people have been owed 1000s and 1000s of pounds which obviously was an easy decision to claim for, but there are still a lot of people that will owed amounts as low as £50 which makes the decision of going through the claim process a bit harder so you really do need to weigh up how much your free time is worth and if it is going to be a waste of time or a great way to win back a bit of money that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.


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