Direct Line PPI claims

In April 2011 UK banks and lenders became liable to refund Payment Protection Insurance if it was mis-sold to you with any loans or credit cards. Claiming back via a PPI Claims company can cost you up to 40% of the money due to you when in actual fact the process of reclaiming PPI is very straight forward, read on to find out how you can do it.

Direct Line used to be a financial credit provider before they were taken over by RBS several years ago. Now they are known for car insurance and financing.

In order to claim back your PPI you can either go the whole “do it yourself” route and fill in the form which you can find elsewhere on our site, or visit the RBS site and search “reclaim PPI” or if you don’t feel it is worth the effort you can use one of the many claims management companies.

Direct Line has seen an increase in PPI claims and now is the time to submit yours!

Here is the address:
Direct Line Claim Contact Details

Direct Line Financial Services Ltd
PPI Complaints
5th Floor
1 Hardman Boulevard
M3 3AQ


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