Halifax PPI Claims 2017


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One of the biggest players in the mis-sold PPI fiasco has been Halifax bank, with hundreds of people wrongfully or unknowingly charged for PPI on a huge range of borrowing products.

Now although like many other banks, Halifax are most definitely in the wrong we have been very impressed by their willingness to process and deal with the thousands of claims that are currently being made and they even have a whole section on their website to help people with their claims, stating the following:

We’re sorry you have a complaint about the way your Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policy was sold, but we’re committed to making the journey as easy as possible.

This is very refreshing for us to see as a lot of the banks reacted in quite the opposite way and seemed to want to make it as hard as possible for people to actually go ahead and make a claim. The British Bankers’ Association fought the case against PPI mis-selling but it was announced back in 2011 that they would not be appealing the case, meaning that billions of pounds has now been put aside to cover the payouts that will be made for people that were mis sold PPI. It is thought the amount of claims that will be made is in the millions and the Lloyds Banking Group alone has set aside over £3Billion.

Halifax have admitted that they have received an extremely large amount of claims and it is taking longer than expected to process them all but they are still said to be in control of the situation and if you believe you have been mis-sold PPI on a Halifax product then we urge you to go forward and make a complaint as although it may take a little longer to go through the process the money is still most definitely there to be claimed.

If you decide you want to proceed with your complaint, download the FOS PPI Questionnaire and fill in the details of your case. Filling in a FOS PPI Questionnaire from the Financial Ombudsman Service helps us process your complaint as efficiently as possible. Send the FOS PPI Questionnaire directly to us at Customer Relations, PO Box 548, Leeds, LS1 1WU.

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