From How Far Back Can I Claim PPI?

PPI how far back can I claim?

So you’ve learnt all about PPI and how you can use a PPI claims calculator to work out how much you’ve been owed however one question you may still be asking yourself is how far back can I claim PPI?

Well you are not alone! There is an abundance of information out there regarding how to claim back your mis sold PPI but none of telling you the finer details such as how far back you can claim or the time limits on PPI. Well looking no further that is what we are here for! After hours and hours of research and advise we have written this post to enlighten you into how far back you can claim, time limits etc. so read on…

Time limits on making a PPI claim

The first thing we need to bring to your attention though is the Limitation act 1980, The Limitation Act 1980 is a British Act of Parliament, it is statute of limitation. The general limitation on simple contracts is six years. The time limit runs from after the accrual of action, which is “the earliest time at which an action could be brought”.

Before we can properly determine how far back you can claim from we would need to see the earliest date from which you believe you were mis sold PPI and preferably have some kind of record i.e bank statement to back this up with. From here you can generally work out how far back you can claim PPI from. For starters you need to know that you can only make a claim within 6 months of first complaining to the PPI mis-seller, so essentially within 6 months after realising you were mis-sold PPI. The other boundary is that the act enforcing PPI claims compensation was only made in 2005 however cases previous to this are often still taken into consideration so by all means look into it.

From this you should be able to make an educated guess at how far back you can claim PPI, however this is not expert advise and should be only used as a rough guide!

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