Lloyds PPI Claims

Lloyds PPI Claims 2014

Lloyds bank has recently had to pay out an extra £600 million for mis-sold PPI IN 2014. This is after quite a long period with little news on PPI. According to an article in the Standard, £2.3 billion overall has yet to be claimed. This scandal has impacted on Lloyd’s profit in the latest financial half year reports on the company. If you are not sure if you have been mis-sold PPI from Lloyd’s then investigate the matter further by having a look around our website and seeing what your rights are and the criteria for claiming back PPI.

There is currently no end to the payouts that Lloyds Bank has to make. This has affected the bank’s profit margins in the most recent quarter as well as having an indirect impact on the share price.

You can claim your ppi from Lloyds by using our free ppi claims template. According to insider reports from a spokesperson in the industry, there is no end to the scandal, with the source stating that payments expect to be made for the next two to three years from Lloyds and other banks.

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