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Claiming PPI from MBNA

Here you can find a whole lot of information about MBNA and its involvement in the PPI scandal and how to get yours back!

In this article we look at MBNA and your PPI claim.

MBNA Payment Protection Insurance Claims

MBNA is a financial company with a good reputation and enough financial resources to resolve PPI (Pay Protection Insurance) claims. If you have any complaints regarding your PPI, you can get a refund from MBNA without any problems. You can easily make a PPI claim from MBNA by following their standard procedure — filling relevant information and sending them to the right people and department.

Why You Should Claim Your PPI from MBNA by Yourself

Most people use the help of claims management companies in order to get their PPI from MBNA on their behalf. While this method seems effective, there are two disadvantages of using the help of claims management companies.

  • Claims management companies don’t really know the identity or personal information of their clients. So, there is the possibility that they will just use secondhand information when claiming PPI from MBNA on their client’s behalf.
  • Claims management companies will get some percentage of the refund client if they are successful in claiming their client’s PPI from MBNA. Moreover, they will still ask their client for additional fees even if they are unable to get their client’s PPI from MBNA.


Claiming your PPI from MBNA is free and you get to save a lot of money if you do it on your own. The first thing you have to do is to get the MBNA PPI Claim Form and fill in the relevant information. You can get the PPI claim form by downloading it online at www.mbna.co.uk/lib-ui/files/PPI_Questionnaire.pdf.

After you have downloaded the PPI claim form, you can now print it and fill in the required information. The PPI claim form is a type of standard questionnaire. MBNA uses this claim form when gathering relevant information from their customers who wants to make a PPI claim.

There may be some parts of the PPI claim form that are not applicable to you, so you only have to fill in the required information that are relevant to your PPI claim. Once you completed the PPI claim form, you can put it inside an envelope and send it to the address of MBNA. MBNA will write you a letter after several weeks, so all you need to do during this time is to wait.