PPI Claims Calculator

Orange claim calculatorIf you are thinking about making a PPI claim, first of all well done! You are making the first step in the right direction to get back the money that is owed to you and secondly you have come to the right place, we have said it time and time before but using a PPI claims calculator is a great way to work out how much money you could be owed therefore giving you all the info you need to decide whether it’s worth going forward with your claim or not.

Please bear in mind that the calculations we give you do not include any fees involved by using a PPI claims company, this is purely the money you could win back if for example you make the claim yourself (which we highly recommend) and don’t have to pay out a percentage to a third party for basically just sending a simple letter. So what are you waiting for? Enter in the details of your loan below and get on your way to getting your money back!

Do I Really Need To Use A Calculator?

A load of our readers post this question to us and it really depends on how serious you are about reclaiming the full amount of money that is owed to you from the mis-sold payment protection insurance. The only way you can ensure that you get back all the money that is owed to you is by doing the research, working out the amount that is owed and proceeding with making the claim yourself without getting a PPI company involved, this is definitely the best way to go about PPI claims and using a calculator is simply the quickest and easiest way to get you started on your way to a few extra pounds in the bank! Let’s say you want to reclaim Northern Rock PPI, obviously the PPI calculator is never going to be 100% accurate but it will give you a very good idea of the amount that is owed and you can then use this as ammo when you do go ahead and make the claim whether you use a third party company or make the claim yourself, you will at least know the amount you are likely to receive and you will know if you are being ripped off by a less than honest company.

If your claim is big or small on the scale of PPI claims, it is always important to get the full spectrum of facts before trying to make a case… even the fine people over at MoneySavingExpert.com¬†are behind the campaign to encourage people to get back the money that is owed from mis sold PPI, take a look at this video from the man himself, Martin Lewis and hear what he has to say about the process:

We hope you have found the PPI Calculator information useful and we hope that you receive a large sum when you make your PPI claim. Best wishes and regards from the PPI Claims Guide team.

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