PPI Claims Made Simple: A Quick Start Guide

Getting started with your PPI claim is relatively simple and straight forward. Because the banks lost the lawsuit against them, it’s now easier than ever to begin claiming the reimbursement that you deserve. Usually, all that’s required is a letter stating that you believe you are owed money as a result of mis-sold PPI. Once the banks / lenders receive your letter, they will process it as quickly as possible. However, the issue arrives when the banks and lenders begin to argue that you aren’t owed any money. At this point, you may need to consult a lawyer or seek professional help and guidance.

PPI ClaimsIf you believe that you are owed money as a result of mis-sold PPI, it’s always best to consult specialists who will handle your claim for you. Because these companies and organisations specialise in dealing with PPI claims, they are able to get you your money quicker and easier. Banks and lenders know that these groups specialise in PPI claims, so they don’t even bother arguing with them. Usually, you’ll get your refund within a matter of days or weeks. The commission that the specialists take is often low, and usually falls around 5-20%.

Getting started with your PPI claim is an easy process. Simply go through your bank and credit-card statements and see if you have been paying for a service known as “Payment Protection Insurance”. If you see any payments for PPI, and you were never told about it, you have a claim on your hands. If you were previously told about PPI and offered it as an extra, to which you agreed, you will not be able to claim. Once you have identified that you are able to claim, simply get together your bank statements and work out how much you have paid thus far.

With the information at hand, proceed to consult a specialist firm who will begin getting you your refund immediately.

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