PPI claims: The Insiders Guide

As a newcomer to the idea of PPI claims you might be a little bit bewildered by what a PPI claim actually is and how you can go about making one however don’t panic as you are in luck as we have heaps of advice and tips to help you in making your PPI claim. Our advice is based on feedback from the hundreds of people that have already made ppi claims and so you you can be sure it will give you a good overall insight into how to make your claim or even if you are using a PPI claims company then you will know a lot more about the process and the best practices to follow, this also means that you won’t get ripped off an will be able to get the most possible amount back as after all it is money that is owed to you and there really is no reason for anyone else to be getting a cut of it.

It is common knowledge that the first step when making your claim is to use a PPI claims calculator to see how much you could get back and in some ways whether or not it is worth going through the process (9 times out of 10 this is a yes) as even on fairly small loans the PPI you paid for could be very high.

The next step is deciding if you want to make the claim yourself (the D.I.Y way) or if you want to use a PPI claims company. Obviously doing it yourself takes a lot longer but the reward is that you get the whole amount back directly to you and by using a claim company they will take a cut of the money that is won for you, sometimes this can even be up to 50% so generally people will advise to at least try and make the claim yourself and use a claim company as a last resort. It really depends on your situation though as it can be quite a lengthy process and requires quite a lot of time to be put in to get the rewards.

If you decide to make the claim yourself it is a very good idea to do some research into the resources that are available for you to help with the process so for example a PPI claim letter to give you a framework of the letter needed to begin the claim, as mentioned before a ppi claims calculator is another great resource to help you.


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