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Avoid A Nasty Surprise And Use A Mis Sold PPI Calculator

Most of you reading this will already know exactly why it is so important to use a free PPI calculator before proceeding with the process of making a claim but for any of you out there that are still new to this then lets take a quick look at why it vital before making any […]

Top Tips When Making A PPI Claim

We all have heard how over the past couple of decades banks and mortgage companies have been mis-selling PPI for those who have taken out a loan, a mortgage or a fee transacted from their credit cards. PPI was mis-sold and the courts in the UK have demanded banks pay it back to anyone who […]

From How Far Back Can I Claim PPI?

PPI how far back can I claim? So you’ve learnt all about PPI and how you can use a PPI claims calculator to work out how much you’ve been owed however one question you may still be asking yourself is how far back can I claim PPI? Well you are not alone! There is an […]

How A PPI Claim Letter Template Can Speed Up The Process

If you’re considering handling your PPI claim refund yourself, it’s handy to make use of a PPI Claim letter template. These templates are made by PPI claim experts and contain all the necessary information to get your claim rolling. Because you are handling the claim yourself, it’s imperative that you include all of the required […]

PPI claims: The Insiders Guide

As a newcomer to the idea of PPI claims you might be a little bit bewildered by what a PPI claim actually is and how you can go about making one however don’t panic as you are in luck as we have heaps of advice and tips to help you in making your PPI claim. […]

What to Do if You Receive a PPI Claims Letter from Your Bank

This year, the Financial Services Authority expects from four to twelve million bank customers to receive letters informing them they may have been mis-sold PPI policies and are entitled to file a complaint. The FSA first issued the new guidelines in December 2010 but the implementation was delayed when the British Bankers’ Association launched a […]