Successful PPI Claims From 2012

There is a lot of controversy in the news at the moment on the topic of PPI claims with many claims companies getting slated for their extremely high fees, which is fair enough however the problem here is that


a lot of people are being put off claiming at all whether they were going to use a claims company or just go through the process themselves.

The public need to be reminded that the banks have still put aside billions of pounds to cover the huge amount of money that is owed from mis sold payment protection insurance and the longer people leave it to claim the more money the banks will be keeping that isn’t rightfully theirs, another case of the rich staying rich and the poor staying poor some might say!

Success Stories

With this in mind we felt it will be useful to give you a bit of a kick in the right direction with some motivating stories from people just like yourself that have had success in claiming for PPI throughout this year.

I received my offer letter today for £4400.82 which means I can pay off the remainder of the card and have a little left over for myself.

I’m going to have a very merry xmas after getting an offer today from lloyds tsb for over £4,500 for an old consolidation loan.

This morning (a further 2 weeks later) I received a letter confirming that they are reim

bursing me £3,873.11.

I sent the form off with proof of a single premium PPI of £1,290, I thought I would be incredibly lucky if they returned that plus some interest. What they have offered me is £3, 348.52

A lot of these are testimonials are from the Money Saving Expert forums where you can be sure that real people are getting back the money that is theirs, whether they are making the claims the DIY way as advised by Martin Lewis or going through a PPI claims company the fact of the matter is the money is there and it just requires a bit of your time to make the claim.

The process of claiming back this money that you have been charged has been going on for several years now and the impression we get is that the initial buzz is starting to die down however it is vital that people like Martin Lewis and other authority figures in the personal finance industry keep pushing the point home and encouraging more and more people to make their claims.

If you have a PPI success story please do share it in the comments, post on our Facebook wall or visit us on Google Plus.

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